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Do you feel like you’re truly engaged in co-creating your life? Or have you accepted what you believe is your place in the world?

So much of my life was lived reacting to and allowing life’s challenges to overwhelm me. I’ve been through much physical pain and loss, but some powerful spark within me would show up, giving me clarity and the strength to face and overcome the challenges. I didn’t understand at the time, but I was learning my craft.

Life and the possibilities have opened to me and now I have been guiding my clients through to successfully transition through to living confidently, creatively and courageously; the ingredients needed to living life on your terms.

This way of living is open to everyone and the good news is you can have the life you dream of or maybe creating the dream you want to live. ALL YOU NEED IS THE DESIRE!

Allow me to illuminate your path and discover “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”                                                                                                                                         ~ Dr. Seuss



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“To raise the consciousness of the world through women.”

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What People Are Saying About Pamela Joy

What really impressed me about conversations with Pam is how easy she is to talk with and how very insightful she is.

Sue Daniel
Healthcare Professional