Pamela Joy

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle

Pamela Joy has courageously made her way to living her life of passion and purpose as a Transition Coach, Venerable Women Luminary Leader and Living Love Circle Keeper where she provides a safe space for women to feel supported in exploring and discovering their inner wisdom and power.

She knew as a small child that her relationship with the Divine was very different from all the churches she had attended with her parent’s blessing. Her search for ‘what felt right’ continued into adulthood and took her in many directions. During this period she always worked in the service of others, but somehow knew she was meant to do something more profound.

It was her gift of cancer and her long recuperation that gave her the quiet hours to contemplate her life at a deeper level and discover the gifts she brought into the world. While waiting for a diagnostic exam, she had a chance meeting with a woman who told her she was her messenger and informed her of the labyrinth on the 6th floor of the Piper building. Walking the labyrinth every Friday, she began experiencing serendipitous moments, building her trust in her internal guidance system, deepening in her spiritualality and opening up to new possibilities for her life and work.

She now serves others as an intuitive life coach and supports women on their spiritual path. She has a deep interest in Shamanism and studies with powerful Shaman learning about healing and serving her community. She brings her vast life and work experiences to coach, guide and teach those whose lives she touches.


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