I have been asked many times what is it that I do as a transition coach. And often I felt my on-the-spot answers were inadequate because I found it impossible to explain in 30 seconds. As a coach I take on several roles depending on the reason people are seeking my services, what their expectations are of coaching and what my intuition tells me they need. I can’t speak for other coaches, but in my experience as a coach I begin by asking a potential client why they are seeking this type of service?

I offer a free 45 minute session to give them the experience of coaching and to help both of us determine whether coaching is the right course at this time.

Who benefits most from coaching?

Coaching is an investment in yourself, your first commitment to manifesting change and opening the doors to opportunity. Willingness to invest in You is the first step to honoring You and what you want.

The people who get the most out of coaching are people ready to take an honest inventory of patterns and habits that keep them stuck; people who are ready and motivated to embrace change and willing to take the responsibility to commit to the work needed to make the shift. They just need guidance getting there.

Is coaching right for everyone?

There are people who I believe are not ready to look at themselves honestly or to motivate themselves consistently to make a shift that will inspire real change. Others are processing pain and not ready for the emotional demands that are inherent through this process. 

Are you ready?

Transition coaching is an investment; an investment of time and money and the dedication to yourself to do what is needed to affect change. Are you envisioning a ‘bigger life’? Are you willing be authentic, open hearted and open-minded?

If you unsure, contact me for a free session. We can explore together to determine if this is a fit for you. Coaching can take you where you want to go in a shorter period of time because the focus is on You squared.


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    What is a Life Coach?
    A professional life coach is a trusted mentor trained in a powerful process of communication who works with a client in a co-creative relationship. Individual sessions focus specifically on the client’s needs within personalized and established contexts of helping the client to understand what they need to reach their goals .
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    How can a Life Coach help someone going through a transition?
    A life coach works with their client to clarify what they need to make a shift, to build their confidence, and guides them to discover their passion, envision their dreams and move forward into a fulfilling, purposeful life.
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    Why do you, Pamela Joy, work with clients going through transition?
    Through divorce, loss of loved ones, facing cancer, having given up a child, I have taken fear:faced it and converted it to fuel a drive to change my life. I hired a coach and discovered through inner work I knew how to face adversity and come out the other side in a better place.
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    Do I need a Life Coach?
    Generally, life coaches can take you where you want to go in a shorter period of time than trying to single-handedly scale the mountain yourself. It’s the power of two. Often when we are faced with an over-whelming obstacles, we get stuck and aren’t aware of what really stands in our way. A personal life coach can offer an unbiased and objective perspective to help you clarify what holds you back and how to continue moving forward. A coach also gives support and encouragement along the way.
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    How is coaching different from therapy?
    Coaching is not designed to address psychological problems. Emotional issues may arise, but the primary focus is to help you achieve your goals, improve self-awareness, and develop healthy habits and skills – in short, set the wheels in motion so you can get on with the business of living your dreams. With coaching, we start from right where you are and work forward.
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    How long do sessions last and how many do I get?
    Sessions run 50 minutes and are generally scheduled twice a month allowing time between each session to deepen into the work (daily practices)or tasks you have set for yourself to assist you in reaching your goals. Support is available between sessions via email and short telephone calls.
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    Where are the sessions held?
    Most clients discover they like the convenience of phone sessions, but I do offer face to face sessions in an office space or I will travel to the client, both for an additional fee.
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    What is a sample session and what do I need to bring to this session?
    Sample sessions are free and designed to give you a coaching experience to help you to determine whether coaching is what you need or desire and if I am the right person for you to work with. You will be asked only to provide a session agenda (subject you wish to discuss).