Going Deeper

This article was written a year ago after a night of inspiration and I have been moved to share it.

Last night I spent communing with spirits, including Pamelessence, a name I gave my higher self, on what I need to move forward. I asked for help with clarification of the steps I need to take so that I can help those who are waiting for my guidance.

Things began to flood into my head; inspiration, knowing, places to go, who I am, what I offer. I lay there letting the images flow past as if I was in a 3-D cinema, giving me so much energy I had a hard time trying to stop them and fall asleep. Reminder to self, “next time I will do this in the morning”. Gratitude came through realizing I was not alone, and that I was on a single journey, one that is specific to me and owning up to the gifts I have to help people change and enable them to live the purposeful and fulfilling life they are meant to live.

I saw deeper in myself how I have learned to honor myself, make promises that began extrinsically and how I transformed them into intrinsic manifestations. I had begun making ‘me’ a priority and learned that by doing so, I had more of what I needed to help others. The vision made me aware of my inner guidance system and I began to realize I had a powerful tool to guide me. When I began the work to address those promises once again, I observed that the pain I was holding onto began to diminish and fade. I knew if I continued with my inner work, I would be manifesting all that I want.


What emerged was a confidence within me knowing I can do anything. As long as I continue to honor myself and use the tools I have developed, I can break through fear and focus on what want and design a life that is fulfilling, joyful and rewarding; the one I came here to experience.

Each day through the expression of gratitude, I continue co-creating my life confidently and courageously with grace and ease.

Pamela Joy


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