“Pam provided me emotional support by mirroring my best self to me. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a scattered wreck. When I looked at myself through her eyes, I saw a Goddess, even when I wasn’t able to access her alone. During a time of stressful transition, Pam held the space for me to feel through decisions and break through the resistance that was holding me back. She was practical, inspirational, and FUN!”

~Annette Johnson, Workflow Evolution

“I worked with Pam for a number of months during a transitional and challenging time in my life. I was newly divorced and didn’t know what the next steps of my journey were, nor how to take them. Pam gently guided me through journaling and visualization exercises which helped narrow my focus to create a clearer life path. I am now living as my authentic self and utilizing ongoing self-visualization techniques. I have now created and am on a unique path.

I would highly recommend her to anyone needing guidance and direction. She is positive, non-judgmental and ever so wise.

~Rose Dikel, Cosmetic Consultant 

“I had the opportunity to work with Pam while going through a job transition. I had worked with Pam when she was a trainer and was aware of her skills and abilities in that position. But as a Life Coach and Mentor she has certainly found her life’s purpose. For those looking for a little more direction Pam can help you do that. Pam has wonderful decision making skills and intuition.

While going through this job transition, she put her life coaching skills into action and helped me walk through the daily and weekly challenges I faced in both my personal and professional life. As a life coach she didn’t solve these problems but found creative, supportive and non-judging ways to help me work through these issues. She then captures those key ideas and helped me formulate possible solutions.

What really impressed me about conversations with Pam is how easy she is to talk with and how very insightful she is. She prepares for each of our sessions before by asking me what are the challenges and questions I need to work through in this session. Then she helps me find some logic and direction for each of these goals. Expect her to be direct but through this process you will see personal and professional growth like you never expected. She will motivate you into action as well as hold you accountable for getting to where you want to go.

If you are willing to really dig in and find that peace and joy you have been searching for and deserve in your life, Pam will guide you on that journey. ”

Sue Daniel, Healthcare Professional, IT System Analyst 

“I met with Pamela Joy when I had an impending and complicated decision to make, in which I felt fear each way, and recognized that I was at a crossroads. Her subtle and intuitive guidance allowed me to make my decision, and I am grateful now that I came to the decision that I made, which allowed for great healing and opening my life to more love. I appreciate Pam’s patient communication style, led by her unique vision of life, health, grief, and love — through her experience and wisdom, I felt cradled toward my destined path, and celebrated when I arrived there.”

Pamela Gaard, Visual Artist

“Pamela Joy is a wise woman who is a highly spiritual person with her finger on the pulse of a changing era. She is a careful listener and all stories are safe with her. Pamela Joy is also a beacon of hope, and counters shame at every vantage. She empowered the unbeliever that I was to trust in myself to tell myself to manifest the solution to my problem. I now find myself evolving as I do the work necessary to make my own gains. I am pleased with the progress and the courage she inspired.”

~Glen Riddle, Found Object Artist

“Pam has a keen interest in helping others work through blocks that keep them from accomplishing their goals. She offered insight and positive, applicable suggestions for identifying next steps as well as fears or blocks. I would recommend working with Pam in times of transition.”

April 21, 2015, Sally was Pamela’s client

~Sally Fresquez, Technical Writer and Communications Professional