Women’s Wisdom Circle

It was through attending other women’s circles that I realized the doorway of opportunity was opening for me to facilitate my own sacred women’s circle. Through the love and encouragement of other women, I realized that my life experiences were priming me as a spiritual guide of women and the Women’s Wisdom Circle was launched.

Women all over the world have found courage, inspiration, connection and support in sacred women’s circles. Together women learn to honor and respect themselves by paying attention to what they need and when they gather together, they feel heard, acknowledged, valued and loved. They become empowered and gain confidence in this shared experience as they deepen their connection with each other and the Divine.

I have partnered with Dawn Morningstar, Founder of Venerable Women and I am honored that I am to be one of the Venerable Women Circle Keepers. At the Vancouver Peace Summit 2009 His Holiness the Dalai Lama announced “The world will be saved by the western woman.”  Dawn Morningstar and I share the vision that we can transform the world beginning with ourselves. www.venerablewomen.com

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